What do Catholics believe?

Catholicism and Christianity are in a way similar, but the way they interpret the teaching matters. The chief teachings of the catholic church are God’s existence, Gods interest in human beings, relations with God, the trinity, the divinity of Jesus, accountability of your actions after death, and the immortality of the soul.

Difference between Catholics, and Christians:

Like Christians, Catholics also follow the teaching of Jesus Christ. They do worship through the church. The church is considered the mediator between Jesus Christ, and the believer. This is something other Christians may not believe in.

Sign of the cross:

This is common among Catholics. The sign of the cross is a prayer and a blessing. It prepares you to receive grace, and co-operate. The days, prayers and the activities begin with the sign of the cross “In the name of the father, and of the Son, and the holy spirit.

Holy sprit

Three hail Mary’s:

This is a traditional practice of the roman catholic church. It is recited three times. This is done for purity and virtue. Some believers do it after walking in the morning, and before going to bed.


There are various similarities that Catholics share with Christians. They believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ, the son of God who came to earth to die for the sins of man. His crucifixion as well as resurrection. Catholics follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. They believe in eternal life with Him as God’s promise. However, the way they pray in the church and the teaching can differ from that of the Christian churches.


Only the men who are pious and celibate are ordained to the priesthood. It is dependent on the belief that Jesus was also a celibate, and male. This is different than the protestant churches that allow married as well as female clergy. Furthermore, there are a set of rules that are followed in a Catholic church. Catholicism has a hierarchal nature with a pyramid having pope at the top followed by cardinals, archbishops, bishops, priests, deacons, and laity.


The Catholic doctrine is based on the scriptures as well as the traditions of the church. It has a unique, and distinct position than that of the Christian churches. It believes that the Virgin Mary who gave birth to Jesus without having sex was raised body and soul in heaven where she has a special place. It opposes the artificial ways of contraception which it believes interfere with the sacredness of human life. Furthermore, it has an unflinching condemnation of abortion which calls the destruction of human life.



Catholicism is similar to Christianity. They share a lot of beliefs, but the way the scriptures are translated is different. Even though the religions are somewhat similar, but there are also somethings where they differ. To call yourself a catholic means that you have to have a special place for the church that Catholics believes is the medium to Jesus.

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